Brent Corrigan gets plaster mold taken of his anus, penis and mouth

I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it. Seems Fleshjack does take real molds of real porn stars to make their products, as these photos of Brent Corrigan show:-

I had no idea! According to Fleshjack, Brent’s range will be out in a few months, until then you can check out their range of Visconti Triplets molded products by clicking here.


The Folsom St Fair, San Francisco

I’ve never been to San Francisco and was just reading an interesting web page about the 2007 Folsom St Fair. For those of you who don’t know, it is a free outdoor fetish event where mostly gay men stroll around the streets in leather or fetish type attire. Perhaps I am a little (or a lot) naive, but I was surprised at the number of people having sex on the street or getting up to similar kinky mischief in full public view. Check out these pictures.

Looks like I will have to add this event to the list of things to do before I die. If you want to look at all pictures and read an entertaining and detailed description of the goings on then hop over to zombie time