Kristen Bjorn – Horns of Plenty – Part 1

The first gay porn DVD I ever bought was Kristen Bjorn’s “Comrades in Arms” some time in the late 90’s. At that particular time I was used to watching low quality American clips of about 10 seconds each on the internet which took forever to download, or one of the few terrible gay porn movies at the local video store in VHS quality.

When I placed the DVD into my computer my gay and straight, male and female room mates huddled around the computer, curious to see it. I couldn’t believe the high quality of the picture, one of my friends commented that it was like staring through someones window while they were having sex.

Apart from the high quality of the movie, the other thing which stood out were the models, all East European, none of them speaking English, and all with very well defined bodies. Take a look…

How times have changed! Now we can watch entire porn videos in real time, and in high definition.

Kristen Bjorn has been continuing to pump out great movies since. Their top selling movie currently is “Horns of Plenty – Part 1”, which I have taken the liberty of posting some screen shots of below:-

Horns of Plenty has an international cast of sixteen red-hot studs that is guaranteed to blow you away! Here is the official movie trailer:-

Horns of Plenty 1 – Trailer

I also managed to get my hands on two short video previews out of the eight scenes in the film, here is a sample of the first scene in the movie starring Carlos Montenegro and Marius Mugler:-

Horns of Plenty Pt1 – Scene 1

And here is the a sample of the fifth scene from the movie starring blond hunk Robert McDougal, getting double penetrated by Brazilian hunks Nicos Casanova and Renato Lima:-

Horns of Plenty Pt1 – Scene 5

And here is some behind the scenes video for those who are interested, which would include most of you I would imagine.

Horns of Plenty, Part 1: Behind the Scenes Preview

I hope you enjoyed those videos. I’ll be posting some pictures and videos of “Horns of Plenty – Part 2” in the next week. If you can’t wait, or want to see some trailers from their other films then you should go take a look at their site.

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