Michael Lucas and Jake Steel – Lucas Entertainment

Michael Lucas and Jake Steel, “POUNDED” – Auditions 36

Michael can’t help testing out the precocious Jake Steel and his blockbuster ass for himself, so he decides to audition him personally. Michael strips Jake from his tight, white, Calvin Klein underwear and pays his erection with a warm, wet welcome. Jake takes Michael’s big tool into his own mouth next, proving himself as a talented cocksucker. They switch off until Michael opts to sample the boy’s backdoor, tasting Jake’s hole like he would a fine wine. He fingers and prods the area he plans to invade. Lickety-split, Michael is penetrating the depths of Jake’s exquisite ass, and he doesn’t lay off until he combusts across his beautiful mouth.

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Charlie & Mitch – Sean Cody

Charlie really had a lot of fun with Jamie. I was impressed with how well he handled himself considering it was all very new to him. He called me and wanted to know if he could come back. He sounded like he was trying to cover up his excitement and I let him know that we would be glad to have him out again. And I knew that he would be great with Mitch!

But, imagine my surprise when Mitch, who’s quite a bit more experienced than Charlie when it comes to sex, seemed a little nervous this time around. I noticed when they were sitting in the kitchen that Charlie seemed pretty smitten with Mitch and mentioned how excited he was to get to know him better. That could explain Mitch’s initial nerves… he’s never been shy before so maybe he was embarrassed that there was a little crush forming.

Mitch was aware that Charlie was fairly new to all of this and assured me he was just being extra cool about everything. But Charlie was excited and ready for what was to come – literally. Before I could even get situated, Charlie was rubbing Mitch’s legs, sucking on his neck and kissing him. So, we figured we’d stay right there, in the kitchen, and let them go at it. And boy did they. Mitch gave Charlie one of the best facials I’ve ever seen!

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Brett & Caleb – Randy Blue

I can't tell you how many people wrote in when Caleb Strong first appeared on Randy Blue and suggested that we pair him up with Brett Swanson. And the moment I saw them side by side I knew it was a great idea. On the surface they have the same …

I can’t tell you how many people wrote in when Caleb Strong first appeared on Randy Blue and suggested that we pair him up with Brett Swanson. And the moment I saw them side by side I knew it was a great idea. On the surface they have the same build, are both absolutely adorable and most importantly they both poses that unique quality of coming close to being a twink but with more muscle definition. And with this being Caleb’s first time messing around with another guy in a gay porn video, I knew Brett would be a good choice to show him the ropes. First Caleb goes down on Brett, giving him an incredible blowjob. Then Brett takes a turn and shows Caleb a thing or two from his experiences in servicing the many cocks he’s had in his mouth. Pretty soon they’re all about fucking each other’s hot asses. And while he really got off on fucking Brett, the look on Caleb’s face as Brett rams his big dick deep into hiss tight hole is priceless. And you just know after a pounding like that he’s gonna be back for more.

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Jay Stone – Randy Blue

When you get your first look at Jay Stone's incredible gym jock body you'll instantly be reminded of those famous greek sculptures where every muscle, every crevice, every detail is carved out of marble with such detail that you just want to …

When you get your first look at Jay Stone’s incredible gym jock body you’ll instantly be reminded of those famous greek sculptures where every muscle, every crevice, every detail is carved out of marble with such detail that you just want to reach out and touch it to see if it’s breathing. Jay is just the kind of horny muscle stud who spends a lot of his time in the gym. His chiseled abs and rock hard pecs show perfectly through his sexy body hair, revealing that you don’t always need to shave to show off the muscle definition you work so hard to get. He runs his hands down his sharp musculature until his hands are lightly caressing his huge throbbing piece of man meat. He jerks his cock with such energy and intensity that you can’t help but join him. And when he shoots that huge load of his he rubs in into that nice matt of chest and belly fur making the perfect end to a great video.

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Kristen Bjorn – Horns of Plenty – Part 1

The first gay porn DVD I ever bought was Kristen Bjorn’s “Comrades in Arms” some time in the late 90’s. At that particular time I was used to watching low quality American clips of about 10 seconds each on the internet which took forever to download, or one of the few terrible gay porn movies at the local video store in VHS quality.

When I placed the DVD into my computer my gay and straight, male and female room mates huddled around the computer, curious to see it. I couldn’t believe the high quality of the picture, one of my friends commented that it was like staring through someones window while they were having sex.

Apart from the high quality of the movie, the other thing which stood out were the models, all East European, none of them speaking English, and all with very well defined bodies. Take a look…

How times have changed! Now we can watch entire porn videos in real time, and in high definition.

Kristen Bjorn has been continuing to pump out great movies since. Their top selling movie currently is “Horns of Plenty – Part 1”, which I have taken the liberty of posting some screen shots of below:-

Horns of Plenty has an international cast of sixteen red-hot studs that is guaranteed to blow you away! Here is the official movie trailer:-

Horns of Plenty 1 – Trailer

I also managed to get my hands on two short video previews out of the eight scenes in the film, here is a sample of the first scene in the movie starring Carlos Montenegro and Marius Mugler:-

Horns of Plenty Pt1 – Scene 1

And here is the a sample of the fifth scene from the movie starring blond hunk Robert McDougal, getting double penetrated by Brazilian hunks Nicos Casanova and Renato Lima:-

Horns of Plenty Pt1 – Scene 5

And here is some behind the scenes video for those who are interested, which would include most of you I would imagine.

Horns of Plenty, Part 1: Behind the Scenes Preview

I hope you enjoyed those videos. I’ll be posting some pictures and videos of “Horns of Plenty – Part 2” in the next week. If you can’t wait, or want to see some trailers from their other films then you should go take a look at their site.

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Porn Site Review: Power Men

Score: 7.3 / 10

Power Men is a great site featuring muscular guys and body builders posing, flexing, weightlifting and most importantly jerking off, for your viewing pleasure. The site features guys from East and West Europe as well as the USA and South America, and they have even done a photo shoot in Egypt.

The best thing about this site is that the content is exclusive, you really won’t find this content anywhere else. As of September 28th 2010 they have 175 videos (about 30 minutes each, split into 2.5 or 5 minute segments) and just under 10,000 photos.

Most of these photo shoots are solo guys flexing, posing and jerking off. There is also the occasional video featuring more than one guy. The men in these videos pump iron, wrestle, and jerk off near each other, but there is no full on sex between men.

All of the photo shoots and videos can be searched, downloaded and there is also a built in flash player. The flash player can only be closed by refreshing the page, so keep that in mind while browsing the site. The site is also fast enough to watch the videos in the flash player without the annoying video stuttering you might have seen on other sites.

The site features no bonus content but they do provide access to a online shop where you can purchase DVD’s of their video shoots for an additional charge. There is also a link to their premium chat site “Live Muscle Show” where you can get a personal webcam show from the models featured on the site.

The design of the site is simple, effective and is easy to navigate.

Things I Liked

  • The videos can be downloaded.
  • There is a built is flash player which makes it a piece of cake to watch the videos.
  • The site shoots all their own content, so it is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • There are weekly updates, so there is always something new to see.

Things I didn’t Like

  • A small selection of the older videos can not be viewed in the flash player. So you will need windows media player or quicktime to view those videos.
  • The link to broadband videos does not link to higher quality videos as you might expect, but to videos cut into segments of five minutes, instead of the regular two and a half minutes.
  • The download speed appears to be rate limited to about 200Kbps which means downloading the videos is not as fast as it could be.


Trial: None
30 Day Price: $24.95 (recurrs every 30 days), thats 83 cents per day.
180  Day Price $99.00 (non recurring), thats $16.50 per month, or 55 cents per day.

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