Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment produces some of the best gay porn in the business, but it is pretty hard to stumble across their content while surfing the internet unless you already know who they are and how to get to their site.

They provide very limited resources to webmasters like myself to promote their content which is a shame, because their gay porn is hot, hot, hot! Take for example this scene from the movie ‘Blowjobs’ which was filmed on a working, New York City subway train. I mean someone could have got on at any station and witnessed what these two were up to – what a thrill!

I stumbled upon another of their films recently, a sex comedy called ‘The Intern’, which I unfortunately can not post here in video format because I do not have permission, I will post some screen shots however. This movie caught my attention because of the geeky star of the particular scene I was watching, as I’ve always had a thing for slightly nerdy guys.

Isn’t he adorable? His name is Ben Andrews and you can see him exclusively on Lucas Entertainments web site and nowhere else. He’s also the guy on the subway train (on the left in the image above) getting his cock sucked in the movie “Blowjobs”. Anyhow I believe the story is that Ben is the intern at a gay adult entertainment company. One day while working one of the assistants, played by Christian Cruz, accidentally spills coffee on Ben’s pants.

While Christian attempts to clean Ben’s groin area, he notices something growing inside his pants. What ever could it be?

The biggest uncut cock you’ve ever seen that’s what! My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw this. Who would have thought that the awkward, geeky intern, could have such a monster hiding inside those pants. Christian wastes no time getting Ben’s clothes off, and before you can say rectal prolapse is riding Ben’s flesh tower like there’s no tomorrow.

The scene ends, quite unusually for a gay porn film, with Ben cumming all over Christians face. I hope that didn’t spoil the ending for anyone, by the way.

And that is only one scene from the movie!

Lucas entertainment is one of the best studios in the gay adult entertainment business, and it is truly surprising they do not have more visibility online. I’m going to attempt to change that by ensuring it gets the publicity it deserves. Watch out over the coming weeks as I’ll be posting as much of their content as I can find.

If you just can’t wait until then and want to check out some previews of their other movies then you can get to their web site by clicking here.


Curtis McCoy – Posted by Randy Blue

If our fans love anything it's uncut cock. There's just something about it, knowing how sensitive the head is going to be as you peel the foreskin away. And for all our US fans who don't have the luxury there is an amazing fascination w…

If our fans love anything it’s uncut cock. There’s just something about it, knowing how sensitive the head is going to be as you peel the foreskin away. And for all our US fans who don’t have the luxury there is an amazing fascination with it. I’d hate to say that this was the first thing we thought of when Curtis McCoy came to shoot with us but knowing he was uncut made everyone a little excited. Yes, even our staff has things we each like. And the fact that not only did Curtis have a beautiful thick meaty uncut cock, he also had that hot beefy muscular body like all the horny gay jocks you see at a certain LA gym all the time. We shot him in a nice tight pair of white briefs because it made such a nice contract to his beautiful earthy brown skin. And while his body and cock are so impressive you can’t miss the fact that his face is so handsome he could charm the pants off of anyone. While he jerks his dick and plays with his foreskin a steam of hot dirty talk issues forth from his thick beautiful lips and if you’re not already rock hard and jerking yourself you’ll be powerless to stop yourself. And when he slaps his thick piece of meat around and you hear the sound of skin on skin it’ll be enough to push you right over the edge.

Featuring:Curtis McCoy


Brent Corrigan gets plaster mold taken of his anus, penis and mouth

I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it. Seems Fleshjack does take real molds of real porn stars to make their products, as these photos of Brent Corrigan show:-

I had no idea! According to Fleshjack, Brent’s range will be out in a few months, until then you can check out their range of Visconti Triplets molded products by clicking here.


Virtual Gay Porn

Advancements in computer graphics over the last 10 years or so have seen computer models of real and imagined characters becoming more and more lifelike. This advancement in technology is not only being made use of by movie studios, but as the technology has become cheaper and more readily available we have started to see it being used in areas that would have seemed unimaginable a few years ago. When I came across the website “3d Gay Porn”, I was quite frankly astonished at how realistic some of the images were:-

This particular artist has obviously taken some liberties with the size of the men’s muscles and cocks. But if you’re in to size, then why not attempt to make realistic looking art which accurately represents your wildest fantasies? I certainly looked over these pictures for quite some time wishing that reality was as good as this artist portrays in his art. In the 12 or so years of being a gay adult webmaster I have not seen anything as unique as this, so felt the need to share it. I’ve posted a secret 3d gay porn gallery on the main site. If anyone else has come across some unique gay porn / art  then leave a comment below and I’ll add it in the future.

Please note, when visiting any galleries hosted on shocking gay sites you may sometimes be redirected to one of my friends sites, this is normal. If you keep clicking on the thumb repeatedly you will eventually be taken to the gallery you are looking for.

Click Here to visit the 3d Gay Porn gallery.