Trevor Yates – Bel Ami

I suspect that most Bel Ami fans would have to agree that Trevor Yates has the biggest cock of all the Bel Ami models. According to sources at Bel Ami Trevor has a respectable 12 or 10 inches in his armory, depending on where you measure from.

What you may not know is that when it comes to Trevors’ cock size, Bel Ami has been keeping a secret which I am now able to expose in a world wide exclusive. No matter how humongous it may appear on screen, a source at Bel Ami has informed me that Trevor’s penis was more than double its current size the first time he arrived at Bel Ami. (see pic below).

“When he first showed his erection to an interviewer at Bel Ami, he almost fainted due to the blood draining from his head” according to the source. “While the interviewer did faint because of all the blood rushing into his head. After they were both resusitated it was clear that his original 30 incher was excellent for the Circus, but could prove to be impractical when it came to porn.”

Apparently Bel Ami thought of renting double fisting stars from Titan, but eventually decided against this. To avoid their other models suffering from inferiority complexes they called on Dr Dickinson, a world expert in the field of penis reduction surgeory, and the rest is a history.

After the surgeory Trevor was anguished about his current size, thinking people would laugh at him for being too small (actual size now below). But then he realized that no one was running away from his bedroom screaming in terror anymore. On the contrary, people were screaming with pleasure.

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