Craig – Sean Cody

Craig is Sean Cody’s latest model and hails from Florida. He’s 24 and he works at a boutique hotel in South Beach. When asked what he thinks of Florida he says “It’s hot as hell, but I love it.” Check out the pics below from his photo shoot.

Craig thinks Florida has the hottest women in the world, and has a thing for MILF’s. When the MILFs come to check in they usually get more than just a room. “I love to flirt with them,” he says. “Sometimes they’ll invite me up to their room after I get off. It’s a lot of fun.”

I bet his baby face gets him a lot of play!

Check out this stills of this straight stud stroking his cock from his first solo vid.

If you wanna see the entire clip you’ll have to visit Sean Cody’s official site.


Fucking Josh – Corbin Fisher

Here is a video full of firsts for Corbin Fishers’ Josh. With Dawson, Josh sucks cock for the first time, gets rimmed for the first time and then Dawson gives him a hard fucking.

Josh has an amazing body, boyish looks, awesome thick cock and perfect ass and the anticipation to see Josh get a hard ramming has been pretty high amongst Corbin Fishers regular surfers since he was first introduced.

When Josh first fucked Travis in a previous video, with his huge man meat he bought him to a hands-free cumshot which, from what I have heard, is the first in Corbin Fishers history.

Dawson breaks Josh in skillfully, and from start to finish it’s clear that Josh’s nerves give way to intense pleasure, pure lust, and that he totally gets off on the experience!

As the guys kiss early in the action, you can sense a connection between the two. They’re both excellent track athletes and have similar physcail traits.

Despite the fact that this straight stud could have laid his head back, closed his eyes, and imagined it was some hot girl giving him head, Josh’s head stays propped up as he looks down at Dawson sucking his cock, eyes totally captivated and his cock getting harder and harder between Dawson’s lips.

After Josh gets his first ever taste of another man’s cock, he gets on his hands and knees for Dawson to prep his hole for what is to come. Josh spends a fair amount of time in this position, as Dawson rims him, buries his tongue in Josh’s ass, fucks his tongue in and out, and follows it up with a finger.

One moment to watch is when Dawson asks Josh if he’s ready to try for two fingers in his hole. Josh gets a surprised look on his face before finally answering, “Go for it.” Dawson does just that, and soon has two spit-slicked fingers going in and out of Josh’s impeccable ass.

Dawson then starts to slide his cock into Josh, first doggy-style, with Josh gripping the bed sheets; then with Josh laying face down and flat on the bed with Dawson pumping in and out of him faster and harder. Dawson has the amazing ability to know precisely when a guy is ready for the hard pounding he’s capable of. By the time Dawson starts to really drive in and out of Josh, Josh’s dick was revealing just how great it was all feeling for him. He also had no problem – and in fact seemed more than happy – to kiss and make out with Dawson as Dawson was fucking him.

Josh’s cumshot – while on his back, legs in the air, Dawson drilling him hard – comes almost out of nowhere. Shortly after Dawson urges him to stroke his dick, Josh is shooting cum all over his tight abs and chest. I suspect Dawson had been ready to cum for awhile and was just holding himself back so that he could fuck the cum out of Josh first, as he quickly pulls his dick out of Josh’s ass to shoot his own load all over Josh’s abs, dick, and hand as well.

These two blond studs make for a perfect CF pairing – one the veteran teacher knowing precisely what can make a guy’s first time just right, the other the new and nervous student feeling and experiencing things not only for the first time, but that never would have happened had they not found their way to CF. And the end result is pretty hot! I’m sure you’ll agree.

Here is some stills from the video:-

To see the entire video take a visit to Corbin Fishers official site, and be sure to look up the video of Josh fucking Travis resulting in a hands free cum shot – it is porn gold.


Vincent DeSalvo & Brandon Kent – Randy Blue

UPDATED – Vincent DeSalvo AKA John Gechter gets suspended from college for performing in gay porn.

Randy Blue’s Vincent DeSalvo AKA John Gechter (Pictures below) has been suspended from the Christian, Grove City College, after a fellow student “Stumbled” upon him performing in gay porn videos online and reported the story to Fox News. Further  information about this story can be found at Adult Video News

A lot of us have experienced it, you want him, and more than anything you want him NOW. Off into the private alley outside you go, but what if you’re caught? Perhaps that is part of the excitement? Is it worth it? One look at his gorgeous body and you know it is.

Vincent DeSalvo is thinking the same thing as he drags a hesitant Brandon Kent into the alleyway. Brandon isn’t so sure but how can he turn down Vincent’s puppy dog eyes.  Soon he’s making out with the hot stud and as Vincent wraps those talented lips around Brandon’s aching hardon his exhibitionist side takes over and couldn’t care less if anyone happens to see. It feels so good getting a good cock sucking in public. He knows how to make every inch of thick, rock hard cock ache with pleasure.

And if that’s not enough, Vincent flips Brandon around and dives his sexy face deep into Brandon’s ass, making him moan with delight. Brandon is so damn hot and watching him get his first male blowjob from Vincent is amazing. He has that look of, ‘I shouldn’t be enjoying this but it feels so good’. And when Brandon shoots, Vincent attacks his cock like a starved animal, basking in cum as it lands all over his face and chest. And when Vincent shoots his own load it seems to be never ending.

Check out the video below:-

For more from these hot studs check out the Official Randy Blue Site for more official videos.


Keith – Sean Cody

OK, here’s a fresh faced guy that makes you go “hmmmmm….”, found while browsing one of my favourite sites “Sean Cody” – if you havn’t been there you should check it out.

Keith is 22, has a girlfriend, and says he’s straight. However he has “done it” with another guy in the past. And by that he means, “everything except intercourse.” Where did he meet his hookup? In a gay bar.

When asked if he’s into girls or guys he replies by saying he’s definitely more into girls. “The guy thing was a long time ago.”

He did admit that if he was single, he would definitely consider the idea of putting that perfect cock of his up another guys ass. I’m hoping he may be set to make an appearance in the future doing a scene with another of the hot straight men in Sean Cody’s stable.

Here’s some more photos of Keith

Visit Sean Cody’s Official Site to see some of the video shoot he did.


Corbin Fisher – Dylan

Fact: When Dylan turned 21, he had to have 2 extra forms of ID because none of the bouncers or bartenders believed his age!

Dylan, without a doubt, is one of the cutest guys ever to grace the pages of Corbin Firsher’s site. His cute face, piercing blue eyes, and the fact that he looks younger than his 21 years give him that Czech / Bel Ami sort of appeal.

As you can see this kissable specimen of male beauty is what every guys wet dreams are made of. Since the photo shoot above was taken he has since appeared in a scene with the equally gorgeous Dawson from Corbin Fisher, which I’m sure will please anyone who knew he had only previously done straight porn. From what I have scene of the video footage, Dawson does not hold back on his facial expressions, getting very raw and animalistic during sex, completely contradicting his innocent appearance.

To check out the videos of Dylan take a visit to Corbin Fisher, and be sure to check out the other beauties while you’re there.