Taig Barnes

It’s freezing outside so Johnny Maverick and Sam Swift decide to call their travel agent friend Seth to explore his vacation package. Lucky for the boys, Seth has a stellar package which includes: Sucking their fat dicks, playing with their tight assholes then finally getting their assholes fucked like two lost tourists on the wrong side of town.


Model of the Week – Stefano

  Stefano is the Model of the Week for the week of March 2nd through March 8th. Stefano is an absolutely gorgeous, 6ft muscle hunk, with an 8inch, uncut, delicious package. Stefano certainly gets plenty of flexing show requests. But, perhaps you will want something a bit more fascinating, something along the lines of having Stefano slowly drop his clothes and touch his fiery body parts, one by one.

Stefano is an incredible five-star rated, European muscle stud, who certainly stands out from the rest. His extensive reviews definitely live up to his reputation. Be sure to catch his one-hour LIVE feature show, scheduled for Monday, March 2nd from 7:00-8:00 pm ET. Can you stand the wait, to see what Stefano has in store for us? Perhaps some dripping oil on that hot body.


Model of the Week – Hadess

  Hadess is the Model of the Week for the week of February 23rd through March 1st. Hadess is a gorgeous blue-eyed, 6 foot, muscle man, with a delicious 8 inch, uncut cock. This versatile hunk is fond of dominant/submissive role play, anal, and gang bangs. Among being sexual and kinky, Hadess has the qualities of a seductive romantic. Those naughty and nice always get the most attention.

Hadess has won over numerous hearts with his incredible looks, red hot sexuality, and sweet guy personality. Be sure to tune in for his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, February 23rd, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET. He will be taking requests from all of his die-hard fans, as well as from many tempted newcomers. See you there !


Victor & Tristan

Victor Steele and Tristan Phoenix are silhouetted in the living room mirror, locked in an embrace, with San Francisco’s Japantown sunlit on a hilltop through the window behind them. Victor definitely takes the lead here! With his dark tousled hair and scruffy beard, he makes love to sexy bottom man Tristan all afternoon. It concludes with Phoenix dumps a load onto his stomach, whispering to Victor to keep fucking him. Soon after, Victor pulls out and sprays Phoenix’s chest with a massive load, covering him in cum.



Now that Brad has had his anal cherry popped, he became more curious about how much cock he could take. The sensation of his ass or mouth being filled up became an obsession he could not deny! Needles to say, when Sam and Johnny hit the scene and Brad got his first look at their huge cocks, he could not wait to take these two studs deep inside of him. The pain, the pleasure…waits for you inside!


Model of the Week – Jason Hawke

  Jason Hawke is the Model of the Week for the week of February 16th through February 22nd. Jason is our one of a kind, ripped, absolutely hot, Adult Star, flavor of the week. Jason has quite the sexual tension and can steam up every conversation with simply his dirty talk. Visit his room to see what we are bragging about.  But do not be shy, Jason likes to be watched.

If you have not taken this gorgeous muscle on a one-on-one session, then you are in for a delicious treat. Be sure to not miss your opportunity to see Jason Hawke LIVE, during his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, February 16th, from 7:00-8:00 pm ET. Who knows what this hottie will have in store for you. Bring your naughty requests, and Jason Hawke will be sure to take care of the rest.



Luis, don’t tell us you didn’t see this coming…ragin’ Renato and joltin’ Johnny Maverick can smell homo hot-hole from literally 100 kilometers away! We hate to say that the whole thing was inevitable, but Luis would probably have agreed at about the time his gag reflex and the elasticity of his sweet sphincter was being put to the test by these two HUGE GAY COCKS!


Model of the Week – Demonte

  Demonte is the Model of the Week for the week of February 9th through February 15th. This European muscle man is versatile stud that is fond of role playing, kinkiness, and dirty talk. Demonte has a 7.5 inch cock that has its very own special abilities, most commonly referred to as pleasure giving. Toys are always welcome in his room, as long as you request something sinfully playful.

Demonte is all-around exciting fun, so it is no surprise he is this weeks flavor of the week. Be sure to tune in for his one-hour feature show, scheduled for Monday, February 9th, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET. He will be on serving your naughty requests and fulfilling all of your sexual desires.  See you there !


Dalton Labda & Daniel Magam

This vid fits perfectly into our Aqua gaymes channel – mix water with studly men, and the end result is always ball busting. In a lake-sized pool, studs Dalton Labda, who has a beautifully built body, and adorable Daniel Magam are doing a few laps. After a totally sexy use of juice, Magam releases Labda’s very hard cock and sucks away, then offers up his ass for penetration. After the intense pounding the pair jerk off in unison, with Magam spurting white stuff all over his washboard abs, and Labda erupting all over his hands.